Sizing and Colors of Polypropylene Rugs


The Polypropylene range consists of high quality Polypropylene rugs imported direct from Belgium. The range is divided into four catergories in our online display. These categories are Traditional, Modern, Tribal and Oriental which all include EXAMPLES of the range. Please click the hyperlinks on the left to view the appropriate page.

Majority of the rugs from the Polypropylene range come in a variety of colors including; Red, Green, Navy, Sand, Berber, Rose and Light Blue.

Sizing of Polypropylene rugs includes;
50cm x 90cm
63cm x 110 cm
120cm x 170cm
160cm x 230cm
190cm x 280cm
240cm x 330cm
63cm x 240cm
63cm x 320cm

However please note that stock, color and size availability varies and is subject to change. For further information about this or any enquiries please contact us.